Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day
To most of you, this is the sort of thing you get for or from a granny, bought hastily from a dusty chemist on a parade of forgotten shops.
To me, this is a poignant and deeply sentimental gift.
It was given to me on Mothers Day by my mum, three weeks before she died. Her last and parting gesture. The fact that she had walked to the parade when she barely had any strength left is her greatest triumph. The gift is merely witness to the act. The accompanying card read, “From one Mum to another.” It was my first Mother’s Day.
I’ve dutifully kept this box for seventeen years. Yes I’m sure the lotion will have seen better days, but the soap still shouts its fragrance quite robustly. “Wild Rose” it’s called. I assume another implied comment from mum. Tomorrow I’m going to open the soap, use the lotion and throw the box. For me, motherhood is a series of unanticipated hurdles that we somehow overcome. I’ve learnt her lesson.

Thanks Mum. Happy Mothers Day everyone. Xx
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