What’s happening?

What’s happening?

A lot of my friends are seeing their children off to university at the moment. Packing bags, loading cars, emptying cupboards.

Trying to remember all the good advice they promised themselves they would give to their kids and mentally checking off whether they have done so.

A frenetic burst of final activity all squashed into a matter of days – or hours.

Then nothing. Silence. Wandering around the house listlessly, looking for something to do. Returning to their bedrooms to survey the devastation. Hoping that they’ll return.

Knowing that when they do it’ll be different. They’ll be different. The dynamics will have changed.

Everything will have changed.

It’s my turn next year and I’m dreading it already.

But in some ways it’s already started. My eldest daughter needs very little from me now. Just the knowledge that I’m there, ready and waiting. Just in case.

Which is how it’ll be in 12 months or 12 years time.

So not a lot will have changed. It’s just the metamorphosis of life

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